Well my name's not Alice but I know how she felt
When her world started turning into something else


"some of the most beautiful things are unexpected (kind of like you)"

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We are Superman.

"I was never good at anything really. I’m a failure in everything I do. My journal was incomplete. I should’ve been more detailed so I am sorry. I hate to leave you wondering, but that would leave you in an anxiety I never really intended. High school is a bitch, nothing new. So I sit here as I see the one I love happy with someone else. I don’t want my story to end like this. So many things left unsaid, so many lies never revoked. My mind goes back to when I had her as my friend. I should’ve paid attention. she transferred because she suffered the same fate in her previous school as That boy had in this school. They found peace and freedom with me. They are together. They love each other, I should be happy that they finally can be themselves. But I’m not, I just pretend, because how can I be happy? I count the days. Waiting for the day my body would fail me and I can leave this place. It began so happy, so amusing. And it would only end tragic. That’s Shakespeare for you. Unfair. And so is life. I’m sorry if you hate me. My depression overwrites your anger at me, but I hope you can understand what I’m going through. I love someone I can never have. So let me be. And I hope I didn’t waste your time."

Zaynin ilme :D

the truth have been spoken!! <33

just casually slipping of at fans :D

“I didn’t bring anything new or unforgettable to the world yet. It’s the fact that I’m genuinely interested in deeper things than my colleagues, and I enjoy thinking about the world and how thing work from a different angle. I want to be as individual as I can and I don’t care about others. I want to experience everything I can even if it’s not good. I’m curios and that’s better than sitting and looking out of your head, doing nothing.”

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“The entity of love is that you’ll never know where it pops up and who will be the target of love. Sex is not love. Sex is something you obtain by loving someone. Love doesn’t depend on age, gender or any kind of restraint. But there are some. Each of you will have to take the risk of letting your guard down when you’re with a person you love. Or at least think you feel more towards them.”

"How much he told her she was beautiful, how much he told her he loved her to the moon and back, nothing changed.  It was like he was screaming at a wall, and he was almost in hysterics now because this had been going on for months and he was so, so scared. Not so much for himself, but for her.  Because now that She was drowning, He was too.  And the sad part was, both of them didn’t know how to swim, how to keep their heads above the water.

Because it was dark and heavy, the water around them, and it was filling up their lungs and they were choking and trying to hold onto each other but their arms were dead weights at their sides. and He wondered sometimes, if it was just easier to let go. but he was still fighting for that last little bit of life that bloomed inside of him, but She didn’t. She let herself go before He could rescue her.

And fuck, it hurt.

Because he loved her to the moon and back three times over and nothing would ever change that."


"Don't tell me you don't understand,"
She said, "What is there to understand?
I've grown up since I was a kid
And maybe, Dad, it's time that you did."
She said, "I'll give you a piece of my mind
And you're not too old to take it,
Oh, just a piece of my mind
And not too old
Cause I'm not your baby,
Not your little girl."

cuteeee :D

love them 'cause of this

Niall vaa hyppii tääl :D

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siinä teille yli 400 kuvaa! :D
onne hengissä selvinneille :D

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