Well my name's not Alice but I know how she felt
When her world started turning into something else


"some of the most beautiful things are unexpected (kind of like you)"

tiistai 1. toukokuuta 2012

The sun is just too heavy for Superman.

Why do they choose me, to be their Atlas? What have I done? Why would I save you, when you do not even try to save yourselves? I am not special anymore; I am usual. I am only a man. Look at me, and what do you see? You see that my face, too, is turned toward our sinking star; that I, too, am waiting.

You look at me with your wounded expression, and I turn away. I want to mumble that it’s okay – that your gaze is bluer and more endless than the sky has ever been, anyway. I want to tell you that if the oceans were to collapse in on themselves, and seep forever toward the underworld, I wouldn’t even try to stop them. Because your eyes hold more depth and green than all of that water stretching off into the horizon. And you’re right here. At least the world has you, right?

But the world doesn’t need you. The world doesn’t call out for you like my heart does. Why can’t they see you as I do? You are my ocean and my sky, and the sun is not falling, and the igneous core of the earth is not thirsty. You can beg me a thousand times to leap off the edge of this building and fly to the rescue – I’m not going. I won’t go. I’m done.

yhyy kaikki kertoo koko ajan kui kiva niillä on ollu vappunaja blaa blaa blaa mut mä en tehny mitään muutaku luin ficcejä netistä :( okei ei angstausta kiitos :D
ei mulla oikeestaa nii kauheeta oo ollu. oon piirtäny ja maalannu. huonoja puolia on, et oon syönyt AIVAN liikaa :/ yyh.. nomut huomisest tulee hyvä päivä :) kaupunkiin ihanan Linssin kanssa + 2 tuntia ilmasutaitoa <3 ja 2 tuntia Äikkää!! jee :3

Torstaina me ollaan menossa johki  ihmeen paikkaan. en tiiä mikä se on mut :D joku porin prikaatin koululaisten vierailupäivä. joku säkylän joku. tai jotain :D
ei mulla muuta :D see ya!


I always thought I would be glad to see you go. You were the needle in my side, the harsh, freezing winds of the upper troposphere slamming across my face. I always thought I would be better, without you; that I would finally be free of all these earthly tethers. But even after you leave, these same ropes continue to bite into my wrists. I am human, and I am empty. I stare at nothing. I let time cascade past me.

And it’s true. I have always been their Superman, and yours. But today, I was nothing. Today, I did nothing. When you needed me the most was when I chose to break. Action figures are only indestructible until they fall into the garbage disposal.
But you wrap your arm around me and pull me closer, and for a moment I loathe to think that I appear vulnerable enough to require your comfort. I am Superman, I say to myself, and you are only human. Who are you, to tell me that everything is going to be okay? Who are you, to assume I am in need of your support? Who are you, to exploit my weakness in this manner?
“You’re not Superman,” you tell me, as if reading my mind. My eyes widen. You grin crookedly. Your arm slips from around my neck, and drops back to the sand, and then you lean into me and your hair tickles my chin. I tilt my cheek, resting it on top of your head. Giving you a little piece of the thing you have always wanted – of the thing I have always been too afraid to offer.

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  1. isoveljes pölli karin skumpat x)se skumppa maksanu kuulemma 60e XDXDXD ps. paljon huonoa asiaa kerrottavana !:(

  2. huonoa D: et sä kyl mitää mistää huonoist puhunu D:!!


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