Well my name's not Alice but I know how she felt
When her world started turning into something else


"some of the most beautiful things are unexpected (kind of like you)"

sunnuntai 10. kesäkuuta 2012

you love me. real or not real?"

viikonlopun (muokkaamattomia) kuvia :)

sain Ketjult tollasen ylisuuren hupparin :3

btw, mulla on tällänen outo ajatus, et oon ehkä jääny koukkuun Tumblriin..  viikonloppuna mietin kuinka mä tahdonkaan päästä sinne ja jne.. :D nyt pelottaa

alan tekee sunnuntai kuva postausta nyt :)


ps. näin tän ja olin ihan D'''''''''''''''''X *itkupotkuyhyykohtaus*

"Just to think one day One Direction will take their last ever bow. They’ll sing their last ever note together as a band, whilst looking out into the sea of ever-adoring fans. Louis will probably glance over at Harry whilst the curtain begins to fall for the last time- wishing to share the moment with his best friend. Liam will smile a smile that can only be made in true moments of happiness, Zayn will stand and just look out and think about what the amazing journey they had. Niall will continue to do his crazy dancing till the moment the curtain touches the floor and the audience were but a memory. It’s so strange to think that the boys will end one day- not hopefully for many years- but it’ll still be no more. It’s just the beginning for them, the start of a glorious journey that only a few people ever get to ride along with. These 5 boys are special, they have opportunities that people can only dream of, they were chosen and so lucky to be doing what they love. When that curtain does fall for the final time, it’ll be an end of an amazing era. We’ve seen them grow up from boys to young men in front of our eyes. They’re no longer the boys who sang Torn acoustically to Simon Cowell anymore, they have their own album, own tracks, own everything. We’ve been here every step of the way, through the ups and downs; the road has been very bumpy and we’ve lost a few people here and there, but oh god have we gained alot more fans along the way. So when that curtain does fall and we get our last glimpse of the boys as ‘One Direction’ we can smile and realise how different our lives would be if they weren’t in it and all the good they have done. We’ll probably all be married and have children of our own, we’ll have grown up alongside them. I think we need to start being more grateful for how much the boys have changed our lives.. you never know how long this could all be like this for."

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