Well my name's not Alice but I know how she felt
When her world started turning into something else


"some of the most beautiful things are unexpected (kind of like you)"

keskiviikko 21. maaliskuuta 2012

en luovuta. päästän vain irti.

Shaking your head like it's all wrongBefore you're here you're already gone
And even with the light all around you
You're all alone in the dark.
You're breaking your own heartTaking it too far down the lonely roadYou say you just want love
But when it's close enough you just let it go
The very thing you've been the most afraid of
You've been doing it from the start, breaking your own heart.

Too many tears, too many fallsIt's easier here behind these walls
But you don't want to walk in the shadowsLife is so hard.

se on loppu. mä en tahdo satuttaa ketään.

mä en ihastu enää ikinä.


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