Well my name's not Alice but I know how she felt
When her world started turning into something else


"some of the most beautiful things are unexpected (kind of like you)"

torstai 30. elokuuta 2012

I’m bad at feelings. I don’t even know what I’m feeling most of the time

She knew He would be considerate and he wouldn’t laugh at her, but there was always a part of her which was scared that He would find her too insecure and want to leave her all alone, back to how she was.
Because that’s what She was. Insecure. She hadn’t had anyone to tell her that she was perfect the way she was, and although he wasn’t about to change herself any time soon, she didn’t feel comfortable with nobody caring. Of course her Mum had told her that, and so had her family, but you don’t take those kind of compliments seriously from family because they mean it in a total different way.

jaajaa ei mulla mitää asiaa :''D mä vaan tääl koton ja pia paistaa pihvei perheen suihin. kuuntelen tarusomusten herraa, ja kierin maassa kun en nähnyt 1Dn twitcamia kokonaa. nukuttaa niin että lopetan. pian pitäis vielä jaksaa mennä tanssimaan, ja oon innoissani. ruoka. on. pahasta. tietäkää kaiki se oke? noni nyt saatte lauantaisia muokkaamattomia kuvia, koska laiskuus. moi

oke oke siin oli teille sekava postaus :D

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